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Welcome to the website of the All Party Parliamentary Intellectual Property Group. 

The UK’s creative economy accounts for 7% of our GDP and involves a range of different industries including music, film, software, manufacturing and publishing.  What links these various industries is reliance on a strong and effective IP regime.  While ministerial responsibility for IP lies with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the range of industries and interests involved means a number of government departments and agencies have roles and responsibilities which impact on the success, or otherwise, of UK businesses – both small and large. 

The Group was launched in 2003 as a response to this and to create a resource for parliamentarians of both Houses interested in learning more about intellectual property (IP), its role in stimulating creativity and economic growth, how new services are developing to serve consumer needs, and the harm that can be caused when IP is not properly respected and protected. 

Luther Pendragon provides administrative support to the group on behalf of the Alliance for IP (the Alliance).  Established in 1998, the Alliance is a UK-based coalition of trade associations and enforcement bodies with an interest in ensuring the value and of and contribution to the UK economy of intellectual property rights is properly understood and that these rights can be protected and enforced.  With a combined turnover of over £250 billion, Alliance members include representatives of the audiovisual, music, video games and business software, and sports industries, branded manufactured goods, publishers, retailers and designers.


The All-Party Intellectual Property Group announced that it is to conduct an inquiry into The Role of Government in Protecting and promoting Intellectual Property.

The Group has decided to look at this important issue because responsibility for development and enforcement of IP policy sits across many Government departments and agencies. There have been numerous reviews into IP policy in the last ten years but the decision-making framework within which policy is developed and agreed has not been sufficiently examined.

The Group will seek to unpick the tangled web of cross-departmental responsibilities in this area by considering how policy has been developed, the effectiveness of the current approach, and whether the machinery of government can be improved for better policy formulation.

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