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Welcome to the website of the All Party Parliamentary Intellectual Property Group

Established in 1998, the Alliance for Intellectual Property is a UK-based coalition of 20 organisations with an interest in ensuring IP Rights receive the protection they need and deserve. Members include representatives of the audio visual, toy, music, games, business software, sports, brands, publishing, retailing and design industries.

The Alliance’s overriding objective is to ensure that IP Rights are valued and that a robust, efficient legislative and regulatory regime exists, which enables these rights to be properly protected. The Alliance is also proactive in supporting the promotion of IP through educational and consumer awareness initiatives and encouraging the development of IP training for businesses and individuals seeking to develop, produce and trade goods, services and content.

Secretariat functions are provided by Luther Pendragon who are paid for by the Alliance for Intellectual Property. Information about Luther Pendragon can be found here and details of the Alliance and its members can be found here.

Details on the funding of the Group and a full copy of its register can be found here

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The Group held its AGM to confirm its 4 officers for the year ahead, in compliance with the new APPG rules. The IPO attended the meeting as guest speakers and discussed with officers and industry representatives any updates on text and data mining, the designs review, exhaustion and the CPTPP Bill.


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